Corporate Fitness Program


Wellness programs save businesses millions of dollars every year by improving the health of their employees. Physical fitness, the principal focus of these wellness programs, is proven to improve muscular and cardiovascular strength, increase productivity, decrease stress, and improve overall morale amongst personnel. Most importantly, physical fitness programs help to decrease the probability of illness or disease and the repercussions these issues may have on the workplace.

Our highly trained staff offers on-site instruction as well as private group instruction at our state-of-the-art locations throughout New York City. Contact our corporate wellness representative to explore your workplace respite options TODAY!

At Smooth Street Ballroom Dance Studios NYC & Long Island, our Corporate Ballroom Dance and Corporate Latin Dance programs are an excellent way to keep your corporation’s most important resource healthy and in communication. Try out corporate dance programs and see your production expand.

Courses offered: Yoga- Ballroom Dance- Zumba and Personal Training.