Ronny – Dance Instructor & Competitor

Ronny_Dance_Studios_Manhattan_NYC1Born in Nilopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Ronny moved with his parents to a rural city in the State of Sao Paulo as a young child. There, he grew up connected to the Arts, performing in dance, theater and voice. Later his family moved to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, where he begin to study in the Military School and performing in the band, playing flute and saxophone, as well as choir and dance. Ronny could see the passionate side of dancing, and he learned how to make every student finds this passion themselves. Ronny also choreographs parties, weddings and other events.  In 2008 he also began teaching at the University of Brasilia, where he still teaches today as well as teaching in private dance studios in Brasilia and teaches approximately 150 students per semester.

Ronny is widely regarded for his attention to proper techniques based on body physiology and behavioral aspects of dance, helping students understand that everyone is able to develop new skills.  In addition to teaching Salsa, Tango, Brazilian Samba, Forró, Zouk and Bolero at advanced levels, he also studies ballet, jazz. He also works on stage with Dance Shows and Musical Theatre, being part of the Musical Theatre School of Brasilia. In 2010 he played the role of Wilbur and I.Q. in the musical “Hairspray” and in 2011 the role of Mark in “Rent”, contributing to the choreography of the plays.

Ronny’s dance curriculum has been developed over many years of teaching and arts experiences. Even in a country known for passionate dancers and teachers, Ronny is one of the best.