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Wedding Dance Lessons NYC (5 boroughs, Long Island,Westchester and New Jersey)

Smooth Street Ballroom Studios offers Wedding Dance Lessons and Choreography to your wedding song.


The first dance is one of the oldest and most romantic wedding traditions in any culture. It is your opportunity to shine and start off your wedding reception on the right foot! While some couples are extremely excited at the prospect of performing for their guests, others recoil at the thought.   Therefore Smooth Street Ballroom’s team of highly trained wedding experts focus on creating beautiful dances within the comfort zones of their clients. Whether you are just interested in learning the basics in order to slip under the radar, or you would like to learn an unforgettable routine, our instructors will help to customize your ideal first dance experience!

Services we offer:

Personalized instruction– Upon registering as a student, you will be paired with a Smooth Street Wedding Expert who will act as your personal guide and assistant. There are many small details that go into the making of a first dance- let your instructor take care of them so that you don’t have to!

Step notation and video recording: These services have proved extremely beneficial in helping long distance couples or couples who don’t see each other very often during the week. Personalized step notation charts and video recordings created by our wedding experts will allow you to practice separately so that you can maximize instruction time at the studio.

Song Selection: Need help with choosing the perfect song? Our instructors will help to find a song that not only suits yours and your fiancé’s personalities, but that helps to tell your story and make the dance an unforgettable experience.

Music Editing: A great way to make a first dance really stand out is to combine two or more songs together into a “mashup.”  This is a great technique for couples who want to combine songs for a slow/fast contrast, represent diverse cultures, or surprise their significant other with a prerecorded message! Our professional staff of music technicians will seamlessly edit your music, making your first dance experience all the more unique.

Bridal Party Dances: The fun doesn’t have to stop with bride and groom! Smooth Street’s wedding experts also offer services in choreographing parents’ dances, fun dances, and reception entrances for the entire bridal party! Ask one of our Smooth Street wedding experts about private instruction or a group lesson for your closest friends and family- it can be a fun pre-wedding activity that helps everyone to brush up on their moves before the big day.

We also offer bride & groom mother & father dance choreography.

We will help you look and feel great for your first dance.

We offer wedding dance lessons in the following locations

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We also teach

Wedding Dance Lessons in Long Island

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Wedding Dance Lessons are available at our studios, in your home or in your office.

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