Personal Training NYC & Long Island

PT 1In addition to dance lessons, Smooth Street Ballroom offers personal training and nutrition counseling for an overall fitness program.

While dancing is a great for getting losing weight, meeting people and socializing, our personal training programs are designed to complement your overall fitness and training.

Our Personal Training programs in Brooklyn, NY 11201 workout muscles that you do not workout while dancing, such as the upper body and tighten abs and legs.

Our nutritional counseling program ensures you develop healthy eating habits for life, lose fat and get into shape without the need for dieting.

Our certified personal trainers will make sure you steadily increase your stamina, muscle tone and develop the shape you desire, while eating the proper foods and increasing your energy level, vigor, and looking and feeling great. Being fit also develops a happier state of mind.

PT 10We offer personal training at your gym, our gyms throughout New York City (5 boroughs) and Long Island or in your home of office.

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